To increase the awareness of novel business models in a society based on bioeconomy principles.

To demonstrate possible ways of creating new businesses that are green, yet economic attractive by:
• Creating awareness of environmentally sustainable business models or ways of living
• Participating in business activities that have minimal ecological footprint or encourage and spread the understanding of a viable bioeconomy or the importance of nature conservation.

Many policies are encouraging the transition of our current fossil fuel economic system into a bioeconomy.  Shifting the mindset could solve many of the current and future challenges that humans face.
We believe that a bioeconomy should:
* be based on the green economy principles of sustainable development.
* ensure a large and diverse standing stock of natural capital
* ensure ecosystem goods and services are plentiful and healthy for future use.

An impossible mission? – No, we believe it is doable!


Do you wish to know more about bioeconomy? – try reading the article by Dennis Lisbjerg in Habitat – the online magazine of Danish Zoological Society.

It is difficult to assign a monetary value to nature – and calculate a cost-benefit of altering ecosystems – see more in the article about value of nature.